Fire in a mountainous area near Sant Elm. | @IBANAT

The Guardia Civil believe that two fires close to each other near to Sant Elm yesterday afternoon were started deliberately.

The first fire, reported around one in the afternoon, was in the wooded ares of Puig d'en Trobat. Four firefighting planes were used in tackling the blaze. It was stabilised some three hours later, having claimed 3.2 hectares of pine wood.

The second fire at Puig d'en Bassat broke out two hours after the first one. It was controlled at half six and affected only half a hectare.

While any forest fire is a matter for concern, fires in this area are a particularly sensitive issue. In 2013 a devastating fire claimed 1,600 hectares. It was the worst fire in Majorca since 1994. And that fire was in the same area.