Alcudia, where tourist spending is said to be down. | Andrew Ede


The Acotur tourist businesses association has conducted a survey of businesses in Calvia, Alcudia and Llucmajor (Arenal). One hundred businesses, such as bars, restaurants and shops, have taken part and they say that tourist spending is down by between 20 and 30 per cent compared with last year.

The businesses suggest that each year tourists seem to have less spending power. As far as all-inclusives are concerned, the businesses say that the number has not decreased this year and is on a par with 2016.

Acotur says that all-inclusives cause major problems for businesses. An urgent solution to all-inclusives is needed. There does at least need to be a limit on the amount of alcohol that these hotels can serve. The free nature of drink in all-inclusives, the association adds, is the source of bad behaviour in Calvia, Alcudia and Arenal.

The Acotur finding of lower spending by tourists contradicts the statistics of the Egatur surveys of spending. These suggest higher levels of spending. But just one problem with Egatur is the weight given to the cost of the actual holiday. This has been going up and will therefore be reflected in the statistics and may well over-compensate for a resultant actual fall in spending in resorts.

A further point that can be made concerns different areas of resort municipalities. In Alcudia, for example, the tourism centre around Bellevue is one thing. It is where Acotur has tended to talk to businesses. The port and the old town are others.