Palma town hall is seeking a reduction in the number of flights. | Archive


Neus Truyol, Palma's councillor for ecology, has sent a letter to the national ministry of development regarding the management of the airport and the scheduling of flights. On behalf of the town hall, she is seeking an end to flights between eleven at night and six in the morning.

The letter has also gone to the airports authority Aena and to the director of Palma airport. It asks for a new general plan that will reduce the number of flights and also cut noise and pollution.

There are various other requests. One is for a noise map to indicate current noise measurements and the peaks in noise, especially in the summer. A second is that Aena applies measures to reduce air and light pollution and to develop renewable energy and energy-saving. A third is for investment of part of the airport's profits to be made in areas around the airport.

The town hall says that it is concerned by the impact of increased flights, noting that in July the number of passengers exceeded four million for the first time. The number of flights in July rose by over five per cent.