The Terminus Hostel with graffiti. | Archive

The area around the Intermodal Station in Palma, one of the main points of entry to the city, is said to be suffering from neglect.

Antoni Oliver, the co-owner of the La Parada restaurant, says that residents and businesses have been begging for help in dealing with problems in the area. But the local police respond by explaining that they don't have the means. He describes the station as being a refuge for vagrants who get drunk and defecate. In addition, there is an issue with the sale of drugs. Oliver notes that he found a syringe the other day. Muggings are common, as are fights.

All of this has been reported to the police and to the town hall, but the lack of security continues. From eight in the evening, Oliver says, the place is a "jungle". Lack of cleanliness is a further issue. The municipal services agency Emaya doesn't clean at weekends, and he highlights the bad smell caused by vomit, faeces and rubbish.

Joan Forteza, president of the federation of residents associations, refers to the progressive degradation of the area. There is a lack of security and there is filth. There is also excessive occupation of the public way in the Parc de les Estacions and also in Plaça Espanya.

The Arca heritage association is voicing its concern. For some time it has been complaining about the Terminus Hostel, a building that has town hall listed protection status, as do two others. The association argues that the SFM railway operator and the town hall both have responsibility to maintain its image, but graffiti regularly appears on it.