BCM, closed for months.


On Friday last week, the Consultative Council sent a report to Calvia town hall in which it expressed legal opinion regarding the licence for BCM in Magalluf and the club's Closure by the town hall in April this year. The opinion of the Council, the highest legal consultative authority in the Balearics, was contrary to that of the town hall.

The Council's conclusions aren't binding, and the town hall yesterday said that it will maintain the "provisional closure" of BCM, pending safety deficiencies that need remedying and which haven't been. The town hall stated that the Council's opinion does not affect the closure procedure, only the review proceedings for the club's licence to open and to function.

The town hall accepts that, given the time that has elapsed, a review of the original activity licence is unnecessary. However, there are irregularities related to work on the cooling towers at the club that was undertaken in 2015. These irregularities consist of an important omission of data regarding certain installations which, because they lack a licence, are illegal. These installations, the town hall argues, are a safety risk as they mainly affect escape exits from the club.