The heat and humidity will give way to lower temperatures and possible storms. | Jaume Morey


A change to the suffocating weather of the past few days is expected tomorrow. Aemet says that temperatures will drop by up to six degrees and that there could be rain anywhere in Majorca. On Friday the highs will be down to 25 or 26C, somewhat below a normal 30C for the time of year. There will be less likelihood of rain on Friday.

The pattern of lower temperatures is expected to continue all weekend and into next week. The summer hasn't come to end, Aemet points out, but there will be a bit of a respite from the high temperatures. The met agency isn't giving any specific forecast for storms but it notes that these could be triggered and wouldn't be unusual for the end of August and start of September.

Yesterday was still very hot, especially in the south of Majorca and in the interior. Highs were up to 36C. On Monday they were close to 34C. The nights have also been tropical. On Sunday night into Monday, for instance, it was 25.1C in Porto Pi. This, however, was well below some of the nighttime values earlier in the month. Humidity has also been a major factor overnight; it has been getting up to 100%.

A break in the weather tomorrow (31 August) would reinforce the feeling that this summer has been very similar to the sweltering summer of 2003. The high temperatures that year, as with this, kicked in during June and remained right up to the end of August. There was a storm on 31 August which was followed by a prolonged period of unsettled weather.