Seems like they're enjoying themselves. Is it all just booze at all-inclusives? | Archive

Pimeco, one of the associations which represents smaller retailers, has called for alcohol as part of all-inclusive hotel packages to be regulated or preferably prohibited.

The association is once more making a claim that the majority of alcohol-related emergency admissions at Son Espases relate to holidaymakers at all-inclusives. At the same time, it has welcomed the inspections by Palma town hall and the tourism ministry which have been part of a drive against booze tourism. Bars and clubs, the association maintains, are responsible for the "massive" consumption of alcohol in tourist areas. As a minimum, they should be required to comply with all legal requirements in the same way that small retailers are.

Pimeco wants these inspections to be extended to other parts of the island where there are issues with tourist area nighttime drinking.

It is restating its defence of small retailers in Calvia, most obviously supermarkets which can no longer have displays of alcohol at the front of the stores. It insists there has been unfair emphasis on restricting retailers while there haven't been measures against those principally responsible for uncivil behaviour.

The association intends raising these matters at a meeting with tourism minister Biel Barceló.