One of the coaches that was hit by eggs. | Balearic transport federation

The Guardia Civil are investigating incidents in which eggs were thrown at coaches transferring tourists from the airport. Three coach companies reported these incidents which occurred in the "Llevant" district of the island, meaning the east.

The windscreens of six coaches were hit by eggs between ten and eleven at night. These attacks seemingly all took place on the same night. Drivers report seeing the eggs being thrown from a black vehicle but have been unable to give further detail.

The Balearic transport federation has denounced the incidents and has highlighted the safety risks. "Drivers can make defensive manouevres which can endanger the safety of passengers," says the federation's manager Salvador Servera. He adds that the federation and the companies have no idea who might have been responsible and whether it was just a case of hooliganism. Servera notes that there are no labour disputes which could explain them but is cautious in suggesting that they were cases of anti-tourism. However, the president of the federation, Rafael Roig, said that the incidents can damage the the tourism image of the Balearics.

The federation held a meeting yesterday at which it was agreed to intensify cooperation with police forces in order to find out who the perpetrators were. "You can't talk about simple acts of protest but about a serious crime that put people's lives at risk."