Antoni Noguera, flanked by Maria Salom (left) and Angelica Pastor. | @ajuntpalma


The other day it was Calvia, yesterday it was Palma. It was time for the local security board to review the policing and security measures during the summer.

Antoni Noguera, the mayor, said that things had been good but not perfect, adding that there had been good coordination. The national government delegate, Maria Salom, explained that there had been more tourists than ever, that the level of security had been good, that the assessment was positive and incidents had been light. There had also been good coordination. "We have worked together, we have shared information and so the season was good. We have what we have. What is important is to share information and guidelines and solve problems between us all."

Noguera added that from next June there will be police reinforcements in Playa de Palma. This will be because of incidents caused by a "rougher" tourism. "These incidents give the city an image we don't want. So, we will make improvements and bring in greater strength." The mayor also referred to issues with bars in El Terreno and Son Armadans, where there is to be "firm action".

Public safety councillor Angelica Pastor observed that matters had been dealt with in the best way that they could have been, adding that residents are entitled to peace and quiet and that there will be penalties for those who break the rules.