The trial will start today of a driver who attempted to bribe police officers in Calvia when he tested positive for alcohol, having caused a multiple crash.

In April 2015 in Costa d'en Blanes, the accused was driving early in the morning, having drunk considerably. He lost control of the car and crashed into a number of parked cars. The impact was so great that one of the cars was pushed into another.

At the police station he was given a breath test. It registered a positive result of 0.98 milligrams of alcohol per litre of expelled air.

The prosecution alleges that he said to the officers that he had heard that the police were corrupt. He asked them how much money would be needed to settle the matter. He showed them 460 euros that were in his wallet and offered to get more from his home.

Because of this, the prosecution is calling for a sentence of five years and five months. The five years are for bribery and the five months are for an offence against road safety.