The old Palace of the Kings of Majorca. | Archive


The old Palace of the Kings of Majorca in Sineu is beginning to show the signs of neglect. Last year it ceased to be the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception, it having been a monastery for 433 years. It hasn't been completely closed, as the Caritas charity uses it for handing out food, but the charity is having to do its work without the benefit of electricity. It was cut off when it was established that the monastery had passed into the hands of the Majorca bishopric and that it was the bishopric which wasn't paying the bills.

The bishopric is hoping to establish a new congregation in order to ensure that the historic building continues to be for religious use. There had been rumours that the bishopric wanted to dispose of it. But it has been a year now since the last sister at the monastery left and moved to Aragon. No mass has been celebrated since a small fire, also last year.

The building has high heritage value, and Sineu residents believe that action needs to be taken quickly in order to preserve it. The fear is that it will just be abandoned.