More headaches for Ryanair to try and sort out.


Ryanair, attempting to pick up the PR pieces after the announcement of all its cancelled flights, has had to cancel more flights. This time, and once again, it is because French air-traffic controllers are today taking part in another general strike, this one specific to the services sector.

Palma is one of the airports affected. Others are Ibiza, Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Reus and Valencia. Ryanair has issued a statement apologising for the inconveniences caused by the "unjustified" actions of the air-traffic controllers which are totally beyond the airline's control.

Ryanair has cancelled a total of 212 flights. The last time there was a strike, only a few weeks ago, the airline said that enough was enough and that the strikes had to stop. But President Macron's labour reforms at present appear destined to cause more disruption and industrial action.