The pro-Spain march in Palma yesterday.


Some 350 people, most of them waving Spanish flags, marched through the centre of Palma yesterday, Spain's National Day. Several groups had come together to call for national unity and an honouring of the Constitution and to show support to the state security forces.

Taking the theme of "marching for Spain", the rally brought together people of different ages, and especially younger people. It started from the Plaça Major and ended outside the government's Consolat de Mar headquarters.

Slogans such as "I am Spanish, Spanish" were on display. The march passed off without any incident. It was conducted in a party atmosphere. There were balloons bearing the colours of the Spanish flag, and Manolo Escobar's Viva España provided musical accompaniment.

Cosme Brull of the Fundació Jaume III made a plea in defence of Hispanicity - Spain's National Day used to known as the Día de la Hispanidad; it no longer is officially. Brull said that the marchers should claim the "Majorca-ness" of Christopher Columbus: there is a theory that Columbus was born in Felanitx, while National Day coincides with the day that Columbus discovered America (sort of). He went on to denounce "all that we are suffering, the coup d'état in Catalonia against the institutions and the Constitution that had been voted for by an immense majority".

"Viva España", "Viva la Constitución", "Viva la Policía Nacional", "Viva la Guardia Civil"; these were all cries that went up as the march made its way to the government HQ. In addition to Spanish flags there were some Balearic flags, others in support of bullfighting and one Falangist.

"This is the only land where if you have the flag of Spain, you are called a fascist," said one of the marchers. Just before the demonstration ended, there was a call for Carles Puigdemont to be sent to prison. Yellow and red balloons were released, the Spanish anthem was played, and then a DJ put on some dance music right at the end.