Creating the bus station will at least put an end to this sort of thing. | Archive


The new bus station in Puerto Pollensa is scheduled to open some time in March next year. Its location, on a car park by the bypass and next to the public swimming pool, has caused some controversy, as it is considered to be rather out of the way. Nevertheless, it will be an improvement on the temporary solution that has operated since early last year - buses parking on the calle Roger de Flor behind the church.

The car park occupies almost 3,000 square metres, and an issue is going to be the loss of these parking places, not least because the bus station will be used for a park and ride shuttle service to Formentor.

The environmentalists GOB have challenged the creation of a bus station, insisting that the use doesn't conform with provisions in the Pollensa general urban plan. GOB had proposed an alternative site near to the La Gola park.

This objection is not stopping the building of the bus station, though. Primarily financed by the regional transport ministry (to the tune of 420,000 euros), building work should take four months. There will be four actual stops as well as shades for passengers and toilets.