More a case of "no" in the Balearics. | Reuters


According to a survey by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies, there is a majority of Balearic opinion against Catalonia declaring independence. Asked whether they approve or disapprove, respondents (800 of them) gave a 63% disapproval answer; only 16% approved of an independence declaration.

The survey found a lower level of disapproval of Catalonia being able to hold a referendum on independence: 51% were against, with 33% in favour. But while these two findings were in a sense from a distance, two other questions were much closer to home. Did those interviewed approve of independence for the Balearics? There was a resounding 80% no, with ten per cent in favour and the remaining ten per cent being don't knows or indifferent. Asked whether the Balearics should be integrated within a possible Catalan Lands, there was a 71% rejection and thirteen per cent support.

The responses on Balearic independence and association with the Catalan Lands do bear out other surveys on these issues. These have shown that where there is sympathy for regional independence and Catalan links, it resides with people whose political leanings are towards the nationalist/regionalist agendas of Més in particular and El Pi to a lesser extent. The possibility of independence has of course recently been raised by Més, or at least by David Abril of the party.