Formentor, where vehicle access is to be restricted next year. | Maria Nadal

A survey of opinion on different topics reveals that 50% of the Balearic public supports the prohibition of apartment holiday rentals, though 46% don't actually know the content of the legislation that has brought this about (37% are against this ban). The prohibition is temporary in that there is a moratorium on licences until zoning decisions are finalised, though these decisions appear unlikely to favour apartments in the main coastal tourism areas.

The survey by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies finds that there is 55% support for limiting vehicle access to certain parts of the islands. Fifty-two per cent are in favour of access to natural beaches being limited. During the summer there were restrictions on vehicles going to coves in Santanyi, and next year there will be further restrictions, such as to Formentor.

The regional government will doubtless take some reassurance from these findings, though the support is far from overwhelming. A further government measure, the establishment of the medical faculty at the University of the Balearic Islands, also received backing - 57% in favour. But if the government is taking any note, it will find greater lack of support for the demand that Catalan is a requirement for work in the public health service: 63% of opinion is against this.

Meanwhile, two issues specific to Palma also get the thumbs-down. Fifty per cent of the public is against the demolition of the Feixina monument; there is 19% support. And on the changing of the name of Palma from Palma de Mallorca to simply Palma, 53% would prefer it to remain Palma de Mallorca.