Rubbish collection is a factor in assessing town hall performance. | MDB


Forty-nine per cent of the residents of Palma consider the management of the current town hall administration to be bad or very bad. This is a finding of a survey by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies, which discovers that 37% of residents believe that the administration is doing a good or very good job. The overall rating of the town hall - out of ten - is 4.4.

Asked about the two mayors during this administration, José Hila (PSOE), who handed over to Antoni Noguera (Més) at the end of June, has the greater recognition: 76% of residents know who Hila is, while only 54% know Noguera.

As Noguera had been mayor for only three months when the survey was conducted at the end of September, there was no question about his performance. For Hila, he was given a 5.7 rating, though only 36% positively approved of his management as mayor. Asked to look ahead, more respondents said that Noguera's performance will prove to be worse than Hila's than will be the same or better. This, however, was an assessment of only 22%; there were 46% don't knows.

With the election still some 20 months away, there was a question about voting intentions if there were to be an election now. This showed a lessening of support for Més and for Podemos. At the 2015 election, Més secured 16% of the vote and five councillors, the same number as Podemos with 15%. The support has gone down to 13% for Més and 12% for Podemos, which would mean four councillors each.

The Partido Popular, who received the highest share of the vote in 2015 but were forced into opposition, see their support increase one point to 28% (meaning nine to ten councillors). PSOE have also gone up - from 19% to 21% (seven councillors as opposed to the current six). There is also increased support for Ciudadanos and El Pi.