The Calvia council meeting on Thursday. | MDB


The issuing of licences for building work in Calvia is to be suspended for a year. The council meeting on Thursday agreed to this suspension while the town hall continues to draft its revised general urban plan.

According to the deputy mayor for urban planning, Antonio García Moles, the suspension is due to the fact that there are a number of areas in the municipality which will be affected by the revised plan. It is necessary to put licences on hold in order to ensure future legal certainty and the public interest.

The moratorium applies to the likes of minor works, extensions and new works in, for example, coastal protection zones. There will be exemptions for existing buildings which are to have no change of use. Hotel renovations will, therefore, continue to be undertaken.

The suspension was passed courtesy of the ruling administration's majority. Among the opposition, the Partido Popular were of the view that it will have a negative impact on investment and reduce municipal revenues.

Another matter, the proposal for the local police to be issued with Tasers, was rejected. It had been raised by Carlos Tarancón of Ciudadanos but it failed to receive support.

Earlier this year the Guardia Civil reported that it is to introduce tasers and was studying the most appropriate model to be used. Certain town halls, and this was a point Tarancón made, have used their powers in equipping local police forces with tasers. There are none in the Balearics, but some police forces in the Canaries, Catalonia and elsewhere do have them.