Mahon and Minorca are proving to be popular. | MDB


The Aviba association of Balearic travel agencies says that there is a 20% increase in low-season inter-island air travel. This is being attributed to the introduction of the 75% residents' discount and also to a campaign to promote this form of travel. This campaign, involving Aviba and the tourism ministry, was launched a few weeks ago, and Air Europa and Air Nostrum are indicating that the combination of these two factors is proving beneficial.

The president of Aviba, Antoni Abrines, says that there has been a good response from the market for the short-break packages for cultural and gastronomic tourism. Sixty per cent of demand from clients in Majorca is for Minorca. Formentera is attracting 15%, so therefore Ibiza is getting 25%. The packages can be either just for the weekend or from Thursdays to Sundays. Abrines notes that prices vary but that the flight discount in any event makes the packages very economic.

Air Europa Express suggest that this low season is going to be much more profitable than usual because of increased flight occupancy. The cheap price of flights has most definitely increased inter-island travel demand compared with last year. Aviba believes that the combination of the promotional campaign and the discount will mean that travel to the other islands is more than just a short-term fad.