The Council of Majorca is undertaking a revised land plan. | MDB

The Council of Majorca has started the revision of its territorial plan (PTM). It will be third since the original plan was adopted in 2004 and will, according to councillor for land Mercedes Garrido, provide a rethinking of the "territorial model". She says that for many years there has been "disorderly creation of infrastructure" while there have been no strong policies for land sustainability, "especially when it comes to care of the environment".

The key objectives of the plan will be to rationalise the growth of development, be this for residential, tourism or other purposes; to amend planning and use of rural land; to foster a balance in land use; and to adopt new policies for the management of the landscape.

Underpinning the new plan is the fact that there has been population growth of almost fourteen per cent since the 2004 plan, while there are problems associated with the concentration of population in Palma. Around half the island's population lives in the city, which leads to an accumulation of activities, overcrowding and an imbalance in territorial terms.

Garrido also notes that there has been little policy for managing the landscape. While the Tramuntana mountains was declared a World Heritage Site in 2011, there has yet to be any development of "areas for landscape intervention".

There will be public participation in the planning process and working groups are to be set up in Inca, Manacor and Palma to consider issues such as the use of rural land, urban growth and management of the landscape.