The cash found by the National Police. | Policia Nacional

A woman who had been hired as a carer has been arrested by the National Police and charged with having stolen jewellery and 20,000 euros in cash from the Palma house where she was working.

The woman had been recruited via a well-known website to provide nursing care to another woman who requires 24-hour assistance. Last Saturday, the husband of this woman reported the disappearance of jewellery and an envelope which contained 20,000 euros. The nurse, who had been staying at the house for ten days by then, had also disappeared.

The police were able to establish that she had gone to Ibiza, so their colleagues on that island were asked to arrest her. Officers went to a hostel and detained the woman at the doors to the establishment. She had 2,500 euros on her at that moment. Her partner, who is under investigation but has not been arrested, was also carrying over 2,000 euros cash. Another 12,000 euros were found following a search in the hostel.