General view of the Cartoixa in Valldemossa. | MDB

Valldemossa Council has announced that a viability study is going to be carried out into the condition of the famous Cartoixa (Charterhouse) building, in which Chopin spent a winter living in a cell, and that a plan of urgent repairs will be presented by the end of the year.
This is the first step towards ending the dispute between some of the owners of the property, who are unhappy with the local council’s proposal to share the costs of preserving and maintaining the public areas.
According to some of the members of the community of owners, the local council and the members of the Real Cartoixa de Valldemossa society, who manage visits to the Charterhouse have benefited from revenue over the past forty years but now want everyone to help out with the expenses. The local council said that it has been working on a solution since 2011 and over 20 meetings have been held to resolve the dispute.
But, thanks to the great efforts from the Council of Majorca’s engineers and planning inspectors, a project is finally being put together to repair the damage which has been caused over the years.
The Council of Majorca is also understood to have agreed to provide some financial assistance.
The Arca heritage association has meanwhile said that the situation is a historical one and that the owners are obliged to preserve aspects of heritage.
Ciudadanos are the driving force behind the new project and it has been approved by the Council of Majorca, but the C’s want to see action being taken within the next six weeks.