Jewellery that was on sale at one of the shops.

06-12-2017Policia Nacional

On Friday last week the National Police arrested six people and charged them with forging commercial documents, receiving stolen goods and money laundering. The specifics of these arrests had to do with two gold, silver and jewellery buy-and-sell shops in Palma.

The police investigation began at the start of the year. Two brothers, aged 40 and 46, were managing these shops, and police suspected that the shops were being used for receiving stolen jewellery. Prices of items on sale at the shops were below market values, and it was further suspected that there were irregularities with documentation that were designed to conceal financial benefits.

The two brothers and four shop workers were detained last week, and the police have now placed an estimate of 90,000 euros on items seized.


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John P / Hace over 3 years

A good reason,if one needed,why we should only deal with lucky,lucky men.No irregularities,all documents in order,and,definitely not sold below market value.