Civilian landings of seaplanes has been allowed for special events.

07-12-2017Gabriel Alomar

Despite the hostility to the idea from Pollensa town hall, the Majorca Aeronautics Foundation is pressing ahead with trying to create a centre for seaplane pilot training in Puerto Pollensa.

The president of the foundation, Miquel Buades, who has in the past spoken with the yacht club and the military base in Puerto Pollensa about this plan, has now held talks with Celso Delgado Arce, the president of the development committee at Congress. He will be presenting the project next week to deputy director-general at the national ministry of development, Jesús Pérez Blanco.

As well as the training centre, the plan involves there being office - the European Office of Mediterranean Seaplanes. As Pollensa town hall been against the whole scheme, the intention is to site this office in Palma instead.

Authorisation for the training centre will need to come from different sources. One is the Costas Authority, another is the Ministry of Defence and the Spanish Air Force. The most recent comments from the military suggested that there were no plans to allow civilian landings in Pollensa Bay, except those with express permission, which didn't include a seaplane training centre.


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John Reeves / Hace over 3 years

I just wonder what impact this training school will have on this amazing tourist resort. Agreed that some people will enjoy watch the planes but I doubt that the impacts of noise, risk and pollution on local residents , beach lovers, wind surfers, the delicate sea and shore ecology have really been thought through. This resort will, in effect, end up being directly on top of an airport which may destroy the charm and tranquility that is currently a major attraction of Port De Pollenca. I am not sure you can have both - it is either a beach resort or a private plane owners recreational venue. I know what I would prefer and I will vote with my feet if the aircraft owners win.