Maria Munar in court yesterday.


Maria Antonia Munar, the former president of the Council of Majorca, speaker of parliament and leader of the Unió Mallorquina (UM) party, appeared in court yesterday for the last time.

She has faced numerous charges for corruption and is currently serving a total of fourteen years in prison for sentences related to three specific cases. The final trial had to do with a case called Studio Media. This communications company was awarded contracts via the Council of Majorca that were worth more than three million euros. Munar admitted that she had consented to irregularities surrounding the contracts.

The prosecution did not press for a further prison sentence. Instead, Munar received a punishment of seven years disqualification from holding public office. Also facing charges for the same case were other one-time prominent members of the UM, ex-tourism minister Miquel Nadal and a former finance and economic affairs councillor at the Council of Majorca, Miquel Àngel Flaquer. They were also disqualified for seven years.

Munar has been in prison since summer 2013. Since then she has not been granted any permission for day or short-term release. This may now change as she faces no more cases.