Aligi Molina of Podemos, Palma's councillor for equality. | MDB


Last year a total of 8,937 people moved away from Palma to other regions of Spain or to other countries. Of these, almost two-thirds were Spanish; the rest (37%) were obviously not Spanish. The Spanish, 78.5% of them, mainly went to other regions, while 65% of foreigners went to other countries.

The information was presented yesterday by the councillor for equality and civic rights, Aligi Molina. It was a prelude to a celebration of International Migrants Day (18 December). Molina said that it is very important to promote values of multiculturalism in Palma, where there are people from 174 different countries.

The data, he suggested, were a symbol of the richness of culture in Palma and of "mutual enrichment that should be promoted". Molina was introducing a range of activities that are scheduled from 13 to 20 December and that are aimed at promoting "awareness and interaction between cultures ... and encouraging coexistence".

As of 1 January this year, the population of Palma was 434,516. Of this, 80% was Spanish. Just over half the foreign population (a total of 85,729) was from the European Union. Italians represented 19% of the EU population, followed by Germans (18%), Bulgarian (15%), Romanian (13%) and British (8.5%).