Fina Santiago of Més.

14-12-2017Pere Bota

The resignation of Biel Barceló leaves two positions vacant in the Balearic government - vice-president and the minister for innovation, research and tourism.

Més will be expecting to retain both positions, and their expectations will be met. It is almost certain that the current minister for social services and cooperation, Fina Santiago, will become vice-president and retain her existing portfolio. She is well respected in the party, is the probable Més candidate for president in 2019, has a good relationship with President Armengol and is liked by Podemos.

The ministerial position is more open. Més would prefer one of its members of parliament to take over as tourism minister, which may place Toni Reus at the head of the queue. A former mayor of Santa Margalida, he has in the past spoken on tourism matters on behalf of Més.

David Abril, a Més spokesperson, is another possibility, though Abril has previously hinted that he is not interested in having a ministerial function.

If Més opt for someone not in parliament, the director-general of tourism, Antoni Sansó, may just enter the running. Although only recently appointed director-general, he has been in the tourism ministry since 2015 and had a key role in drafting the holiday rentals legislation.

There is a precedent for a director-general becoming tourism minister. When Carlos Delgado of the Partido Popular resigned, he was replaced by Biel Barceló's predecessor, Jaime Martínez.

Més are due to make their selections today, and it is expected that these will be confirmed on Friday.


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V. / Hace over 4 years

Jason: Perhaps you could expand on "we". Do you mean everyone resident on the island? Just those resident on the island who rent out property? Those not resident on the island but who own and rent out property here? Those who neither live nor own property on the island but who visit as tourists and prefer to rent a villa or an apartment rather than staying at a hotel?...... Perhaps there should be a "referendum" amongst everyone who lives on the Balearic Islands.


Jason / Hace over 4 years

Henry... Totally agree we need someone for tourism not against ! Looks like the good news might turn bad !


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Antoni Sanso is probably the worse person Majorca could have as tourism minister,with him,Majorca would be dead in the water.