April for the Diversity of Mallorca calendar. | Claire Morgan

The JoyRon Foundation’s Diversity of Mallorca 2018 calendar is now available. The calendar is a celebration of the island - showcasing the multitude of activities, services and products it has to offer, set against a backdrop of spectacular views.

Designed by Amanda Butler an advisory associate to the foundation, in association with Sandy Graham of SeeSite 2D, 3D CGI Graphic Design, and with support from Ronald Hawes, founder and president of the foundation, fourteen stunning images have been chosen, all graciously donated by several different professional photographers, including many local to the island - Stuart Pearce, Oliver Nielson, Claire Morgan, Nika Bielecka, Gerrit Haaland and Peter Wabbel.

Commencing with November 2017, each page is subtly sponsored by socially and community-minded local companies covering the basic printing costs, in order that 100% of all calendar revenue goes directly towards supporting "Children in Need in the Balearic Islands". This is an opportunity to give a little back to an island which has given so many wonderful holiday experiences to visitors - or to those who have made it a home with the opportunity of a livelihood against a fantastic array of outdoor activities - providing fun and happy memories for friends and family.

"We feel that it’s time to pay back a fraction of this gratitude to the island’s most vulnerable inhabitants - and support the surprisingly high number of children who are underprivileged, seriously ill, impoverished, or in care in the Balearic Islands," says Ron.

It is the desire of the foundation to help and contribute to the quality of life of the most vulnerable and sick children in the Balearics, by providing various aspects of joy, levels of comfort and elements of support.

The three officers of the Foundation supported by the patron of the Foundation Tumi Bestard provide their services free of charge. The founder and president personally funds the unfortunate and unavoidable administration expenses with his own money. In addition, a team of advisory associates to the foundation also provide their services free of charge thereby supporting the Foundation’s charitable cause.

And the prime aim for 2018 is that the Fundación JoyRon has agreed to finance the construction of a children’s cinema within Son Espases Hospital. The cinema will screen films whilst the children are in the hospital receiving their medical treatment, this will be a great humane benefit especially for those children in palliative care and long-term hospital stay.

Apart from the local outlets, the calendar is available online:

In Spain https://www.amazon.es/dp/B076JDX6YL. Within the UK or elsewhere https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076JDX6YL.