One of the establishments that were closed down in the summer. | Michel's


Last summer, Calvia town hall closed down six establishments on Magalluf's calle Punta Ballena which were ostensibly operating with a bar or similar activity licence. Inspections confirmed that they were in fact brothels, and the six - Apple, Bar Kandi, Opps, Red Rooms, Bar Touch and Jagger's - were deemed to have been operating beyond the terms of their licences and were therefore ordered to be closed.

Following further inspections and investigation, another six establishments, all in Magalluf, are being closed down. One has in fact already been closed - Paradise Lost on the Avenida S'Olivera. The other five are shut for the winter, so notification of the processing of the closure order will be delayed until it can be served directly.

These establishments, as with the six which were closed in the summer, were suspected of being brothels because of the nature of publicity. Calvia police also interviewed clients, who confirmed the suspicions, while inspections of premises revealed that interiors had been altered so that rooms were for prostitution.

Last week, the town hall held a conference on prostitution, and it was announced that 28 out of 64 brothels in Majorca are in Calvia.