Relatives went to the scene of the fatal accident.


Christmas tragedy struck on a construction site in Palma yesterday when a 57-year-old builder fell some four metres to his death from a scaffolding platform on a site in Son Quint.

The victim, a Spanish national, fell at a residential site in calle General Ramon Despuig. The accident happened at 10.30am when, for reasons as yet unknown, the 57-year-old apparently lost his balance and fell through a gap in the scaffolding, suffering a severe and fatal blow to the head.

Although wearing a standard issue regulation hard hat, the force of the impact was so severe that the accident proved deadly. Within minutes of the accident being reported, members of the local and National Police were on the scene. As soon as the police realised the seriousness of the injuries, the emergency medical services were called.

A team of paramedics and an ambulance responded rapidly but despite all of the medical team’s efforts, there was nothing which could have been done to have saved the construction worker’s life. As soon as the victim’s death was confirmed, the National Police homicide squad was called in along with forensics plus inspectors from the employment ministry.

The scene of the accident was cordoned off while colleagues of the victim looked on in horror and devastated friends and family of the victim rushed to the scene. Yesterday afternoon, the Balearic minister for employment, trade and industry, Iago Negueruela sent their condolences to the family of the victim. He added that the ministry will be carrying out its own independent investigation.