Catalina Daviu.


It's that time of year again, time to get dressed up for all the celebrations and parties, and Palma-born and based fashion advisor and international model, Catalina Daviu, says that this year is going to bright and colourful.

Catalina, who has a degree in tourism from the Balearic University and a Masters Degree in Coolhunting (hunting down and eking out all the very latest fashion and make up trends from around the globe), is a woman of amazing talent and drive. She also speaks and writes fluent English.

After a few years as deputy manager of hotels here in Majorca, during which time she also managed to enjoy her passion as a singer, she moved into radio and television and the world of fashion. After gaining her Masters, she set up a fashion blog in 2016 which was followed by not only tens of thousands of individuals but also leading fashion houses.

"The fashion houses from all over Europe, west and east, used to send me their latest designs for me to model and also promote. However, I grew tired of the blogging and now operate on a more personal basis.

"I am still modelling for the fashion houses, either here in Palma or in major European cities, which is great because I love to travel and take photographs so I never stop and I still advise a series of boutiques. I am also the new face of a famous wedding boutique in calle Bonaire, so I am still very much in the game."

Her advice is much sought after and can be contacted online by anyone, or store, seeking some advice about the latest influences and what are going to be coming up for the next season, spring in this case, but it will be a few weeks yet before Catalina starts Coolhunting for spring.

So, what are women going to bearing this Christmas, what’s the fashion?

"Definitely leg-ins, but shiny, tight fake leather ones and very high boots which are going to be shiny as well. Gucci have brought out silver thigh high boots and the tops are going to have a very low neckline and be stamped with colourful flowers. It was Kourtney Kardashian who made the flower stamps fashionable, everything they wear becomes instant hits, they are walking fashion models.

"But, to be honest, despite all the money there is here in Majorca, such a high quality of life, I am afraid to say it is not a great centre for high fashion. Yes, we’ve got some excellent boutiques and stores but I prefer the big cities. I love Miami, Madrid, Milan and London, for example, they are fashion Meccas and full of highly influential people.

"People in the big cities know how to dress, even if it just for work. Take fashion, for example. The Italian can slip into a pair of jeans, pull on a sports jacket and a cool pair of Italian shoes and they’re good to go. Italian men are naturals, they also have the posture and presence which, sadly, is lacking here in Majorca.

"One of the main reasons I love London is that nearly all the men go to work in well cut suits. I love a man in a good fitting suit and again, to pull a good suit off, however much it costs of the designer, it’s about posture and how people hold themselves. The Germans also dress well, they’ve got great designers for men and women."

Catalina is still modeling, she constantly receives packages from fashion houses and nowadays takes care of her own photography, and her mother is a talented photographer along with her sister. She shoots whatever garments she has been sent and posts them on her Facebook with various comments and extra advice. And as a model she is in demand more than ever.

"It’s been a long time coming but the market for extremely thin models is shrinking, the market is much more diversified today quite simply because the clients are. For example, I have a very thin waste but a fuller figure and that is what designers want.

"The wedding boutique, for example, wanted a ‘real’ person modelling their latest designs and came to me and that goes for many of the fashion houses, especially those which I’ve never worked for. They see me on social media and approach me, it’s great. I get sent all these clothes to model and I get to keep them.

"I recently took part in the popular TV show which I guess is like First Dates in the UK but a lot more tense and conflictive. Usually, all the contestants who want to take part and find their ideal man (she laughs) have to audition etc. In my case, the producer approached me, having seen me online, and asked me if I would like to take part. It was good for a laugh, good experience but was not quite what I wanted."

Catalina, who was the face of Health and Beauty in Portals last year, is also a keen fitness fanatic. Apart from loving Latin music and Salsa dancing, she has recently ditched running and taken up weight training.

"I live along the Paseo Maritimo in front of the small port, the running was fantastic but I have set up my own gym at home and am well into my weight training, proteins and all that. Hence why I love my pasta, lots of it. Yeah, I guess I watch my food, but I tend to eat anything and over the next few weeks I will be making the most of all the festive goodies.

"I train no more than four days a week, though, because your muscles need time to recover and relax. So I guess instead of trying to slim down I am working on my curves which are now all the rage in the United States, that’s the fashion.

"What my plan for the next year is I don’t know. All of my work is my own, I am very determined and self-driven and once I’ve got an idea I am 100 per cent focused on the project. No one or anything gets in my way. I may set up a store, probably online, but I’m not too sure what kind of products I would sell, it’s all a work in progress but I will probably remain based in Palma and travel to and from events, presentations and shoots.

"I know from a fashion point of view Majorca may not be the centre of the world but I love the life style here. I love the atmosphere, there’s a good vibe, a very positive energy and I love the fact that so many people come here from all over the world. It makes life much more interesting, the mixture of different cultures and languages. I love the summers with so many different people around. I think generally, they have a positive influence on the island.

"I don’t go out much but when I do, I like sophisticated places like Portixol, Portals and Port Adriano. We’ve got so many excellent bars and restaurants now, so many places where you can really relax and no one bothers you, that’s what I like about Majorca and I think more and more foreigners are discovering that luxury, sophisticated side to the island, which is great. But I don’t plan to hang around too long in the New Year, I will probably be off to Rome and then Hong Kong. I can’t wait to discover the fashion trends, materials and influences in the Far East, then I shall think about my next business venture."

To contact Catalina join her on Facebook - Catalina-Daviu-Gelabert.