Palma mayor, Antoni Noguera, says that the C's are "anti-Majorcaness". | Miquel À. Cañellas


Palma mayor Antoni Noguera has attacked Ciudadanos and described the party as being "anti-Majorcaness".

His criticism stems from the fact that the C's have filed a court injunction regarding the Festival of the Standard on 31 December. Taking the matter to court, says Noguera, "unmasks the anti-Majorcaness" of the C's and their attitude "against our fiestas, our identity and our culture".

The C's argue that permitting councillors from the Council of Majorca and mayors from across the island to take part in the procession contravenes the protocol for the Festival, as set out in the Official Bulletin when the Festival was declared an asset in the cultural interest. Only Palma town hall councillors are meant to participate.

Noguera insists that nothing is changing from previous years, and that the town hall had merely responded to a request from the Council of Majorca, which is celebrating Majorca Day on 31 December for the first time. The Festival, Noguera explains, will be the "fiesta of the Ciutat (Palma)" and for "all Majorcans". As every year, it will be councillors from the town hall who carry the Standard of King Jaume I.

The C's injunction seeks to ensure that there is no break with what they consider to be the correct protocol. As discussed in the Bulletin yesterday, behind the injunction appears to be a C's disquiet with Majorcan nationalism. They have said that the decision to allow Council of Majorca councillors was a unilateral one of a "pact" between the Més mayor of Palma and the Més president of the Council of Majorca, Miquel Ensenyat.