Cristófol Soler (third right) at a previous pro-sovereignty gathering. | Joan Torres


Supporters of sovereignty for the Balearics will stage a rally in Palma on 30 December. A march from Passeig Born will start at six in the evening and move to the Parc de les Estacions, where there will be a party and music. A manifesto for Balearic self-determination will be read out along the route - where the calle Sant Miquel meets Plaça Espanya. It will also express support for Catalan independence and solidarity for "political prisoners".

One of the organisers is Cristófol Soler, who was briefly the president of the Balearics for the Partido Popular in the 1990s. He is now president of the assembly for supporters of sovereignty.

The arrival at Parc de les Estacions will coincide with the traditional floral tribute to King Jaume I at his statue in Plaça Espanya. Soler says: "We are demanding real democracy that respects citizens' rights, not a democracy we have at present, which at times seems more decorative than the reality."

On the evening of 30 December there have typically been shows of support for independence or republicanism in past years. These have occasionally led to some trouble and violence.