Pere Caminals, who maintains the clock at Palma town hall.


Security for the New Year celebrations in Palma will mean the deployment of eighty police officers and the placing of concrete obstacles in strategic areas of the city. The security efforts are, notes the councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor, in accordance with the Level 4 security risk that is in force throughout Spain.

The police deployment is similar to that of previous years. There will be officers on foot, traffic controls and road closures, and the placement of obstacles designed to prevent possible terrorist incidents. Barriers will be installed this morning on the Passeig Born, in Plaça de la Reina, Plaça Cort, Plaça Espanya and on calle Sant Miquel. There are already large planters in these areas that create obstacles.

From eight this morning until two o'clock this afternoon, access to Plaça Cort will be closed because of the Festival of the Standard. It will then be closed again from half nine this evening for the celebrations and open at half one in the morning. Plaça Joan Carles I and the Born will be closed to traffic from ten this evening until four tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, Pere Caminals has been working all year to make sure that the clock at Palma town hall is in perfect working order to ring in the New Year tonight.