The door to the apartment, sealed by the police. | G. Picó


A 68-year-old German woman was rescued on Sunday morning after a fire at her Palma apartment. Firefighters from the Palma service broke into the apartment at half five, and the woman was taken to hospital. The National Police sealed the premises and are investigating what happened.

Neighbours are pretty sure about the cause. They say that they have tried to help the woman in the past and to get social services involved, but the woman has become aggressive and neighbours have given up. She lives alone in the flat on the calle Aragon, and other residents of the building say that she has problems with alcohol. She is in a weak condition and doesn't take her rubbish out. Much trash had therefore accumulated. It was a sofa that actually caught fire on Sunday.

One neighbour explains that her ex-husband, who lives in the area, sometimes visits her. He is also a drinker and takes her alcohol. There is a daughter in England who has tried to do something, but this has been to no avail.

The fire service reckons that there could have been a real disaster at the building because of all the stuff in the apartment which could have gone up in flames. The neighbours believe that they have been lucky, but they don't know what can be done. The woman, they insist, can't be left alone for her own safety and everyone else's.