Biel Company and Marga Prohens of the PP, who have called on PSOE to support the budget. | MDB


The Spanish government appears likely to have to adopt the same budget in 2018 as it did for 2017. If it does, then the Balearic government's budget will have a hole of 67 million euros.

The regional finance minister, Catalina Cladera, has criticised the Madrid position, describing it as "unjust" and prejudicial to the citizens of the Balearics. "It is now more necessary than ever that a reform of the financing system gives greater autonomy and reduces financial dependence in the state." Cladera refers to "political manoeuvres by the national government, which is exercising pressure over regional communities without taking into account the harm caused to citizens".

In July, the national finance ministry informed the Balearic government that in 2018 it would be receiving 2,558 million euros under the financing system. Without a new budget, this will fall by 67 million. The Balearic government has included this amount in its budget for 2018. Despite the shortfall, Cladera believes that increased tax revenue will cover it.

Madrid has faced two problems with setting a state budget. One has been getting agreement in Congress, and the other has been Catalonia. In Congress, the Partido Popular has not got the backing of PSOE in order that the budget can be approved. This point was made yesterday by the PP's Balearic parliament spokesperson, Marga Prohens, who called on PSOE to put partisan interests to one side and support the PP and its budget.

Prohens accused the Armengol administration of lying and of demagoguery. The Balearics will receive the 67 million once the budget is approved.

President Armengol, meanwhile, insisted that the apparent loss of the 67 million euros was "very bad news" and that she and the government "will not sit idly by". "We do not have a new system of financing, we do not have a new special economic regime for the Balearics, and now we don't have money that had been promised."

David Abril, spokesperson for Més, said that the withholding of the money was "daylight robbery from the citizens". He demanded the resignation of national finance minister, Cristobal Montoro.