Demons' correfoc for the Sant Antoni fiestas in Sa Pobla.

12-01-2014Nuria Rincón

Monday, 8 January
Campos, Sant Julià. 20.30: The Sant Julià bonfire with Esquitxafoc and Terra Roja batucada and folk dance groups Brot de Taperera and Pinyol Vermell. Plaça Can Pere Ignasi. (Tickets for the barbecue needed to have been bought by 5 January.)

Tuesday, 9 January
Campos, Sant Julià. 21.00: Dances of the Cossiers, following mass.

Manacor, Sant Antoni. 20.30: First dance of the demons. Barbecue. Plaça Ramon Llull.

Palma. 20.00: Boris Berman (piano). Works by Brahms. Conservatory, C. Alfons el Magnanim 64.

Wednesday, 10 January

Thursday, 11 January
Alaro, Sant Antoni. 17.30: Procession by Sant Antoni and the Somera donkey. Followed by bonfires and barbecue for children. Plaça Vila.

Manacor, Sant Antoni. 20.30: Mass and then rehearsal for the "goigs" (songs for Sant Antoni). Mare de Déu dels Dolors Church.

Friday, 12 January
Manacor, Sant Antoni. 21.00: Rehearsal for the "goigs" plus ximbombas, wine and barbecue. Plaça Concordia.

Palma, Sant Sebastià. 19.30: Pregón opening address for the fiestas, followed by concert by Sterlin with Leonard Cohen's songs of love and hate. Plaça Cort.

Sa Pobla, Sant Antoni. 19.00: Albopàs Children's School of Batucada. Plaça Major. At 20.00: Children's Nit Bruixa - witches' night with fire.

Paguera. 20.30: Palma Gospel Singers, Auditorium, C. Pins. Ten euros.

Palma. 20.30: Daltmurada - Majorcan group (vocals, guitar, cello); music with a 1960s Parisian feel. Teatre Xesc Forteza, Plaça Miquel Maura. Ten euros.

Palma. 21.00: Wax & Boogie Rhythm Combo. Quintet of 1930s boogie woogie, swing from the 1940s and R&B from the 1950s. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 28 euros.

Pollensa. 21.30: Folketan - Basque folk group present their new work, "Hamaika Entzuteko". Club Pollença, Plaça Major. Pay as you wish.

Sa Pobla. 21.30: Jazz - Andrea Motis (trumpet, sax and vocals) with Joan Chamorro (double bass and sax) and Josep Traver (guitar). Sa Congregació, C. Rosari 25. 15 euros.

Saturday, 13 January
Andratx, Sant Antoni. 18.00: Lighting of the bonfires. 18.30: Folk dance with Aires d'Andratx. 20.00: Ball de bot. 22.00: Correfoc - Dragomonis Andratx. All in Plaça Espanya.

Binissalem, Sant Antoni. 20.00-23.00: Lighting of the bonfires; Dimonis Fil·loxera de l’Infern in the streets.

Consell, Sant Antoni. 17.00: Floats plus Sant Antoni, the Demon, pipers and batucada. From Avda. Francesca Homar.

Muro, Sant Antoni. 19.30: Procession of pipers followed by lighting of the bonfire. 20.00: Concert by pipers - Xeremiers de Muro Es Reguinyol and Xafigà de Muro (Alicante). Municipal theatre, C. Joan Carles I. 21.15: Barbecue. In front of the town hall.

Pollensa, Sant Antoni. 20.00: Correfoc with Dimonis Ca de Bou children's gang. Joan March Gardens. 20.30: Barbecue. 22.30: Correfoc - Dimonis Ca de Bou, Dimonis Hiachat de Santa Margalida, Fills de Lucifer de Búger. Joan March Gardens.

Porreres, Sant Antoni. 19.00: Lighting of bonfires.

S'Arracó, Sant Antoni. 17.00: Animal blessings. 19.00: Lighting of bonfires. 21.00: Ball de bot folk dance.

Sa Pobla, Sant Antoni. 11.00: Procession of children's caparrot (bighead) workshop, plus pipers. C. Rosari to Plaça Major. 20.15: Sa Pobla Choir and the Sant Antoni Choir and the goigs for Sant Antoni. At the church. 24.00: "Redemptió" - demons correfoc. Dimonis i Tamborers d'Albopàs and Dimonis de sa Pedrera de Muro. Followed by barbecue. Plaça Major.

Son Servera, Sant Antoni. 16.00: Sant Antoni fair - t-shirts, food, craft. Plaça Sant Joan. 20.00: Mass and first dance of the Demon. 21.00: Barbecue. Plaça Sant Joan. 23.00: Correfoc - Dimonis de Sa Factoria. Plaça Sant Joan.

Palma. 19.00: Ainhoa Arteta (soprano), Pilar Astola (dance), Rubén Fernández Aguirre (piano). Federico García Lorca tribute. Palacio de Congresos. 8-35 euros.

Palma. 21.00: Think Floyd - Pink Floyd tribute. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 42 euros.

Palma. 21.00: First party for Sant Sebastià. Maico, Romy Low and many other acts. Plaça Joan Carles I. Free.

Sunday, 14 January
Andratx, Sant Antoni. 11.00: Animal blessings. Gathering in Passeig Son Mas at 10.30.

Consell, Sant Antoni. 19.30: Correfoc demons fire-run - Dimonis de S'Eixam. Plaça Major.

Palma, Sant Sebastià. 10.30-14.00: Sant Sebastià "Petit". Parc de la Riera.

Pollensa, Sant Antoni. 19.30: Glosadors, pipers and others. Club Pollença, Plaça Major. Pay as you wish.

Sa Pobla, Sant Antoni. 17.30: Sant Antoni folk dance, with the group Abenlara. Plaça Alexandre Ballester.

Son Servera, Sant Antoni. 09.30: Sant Antoni fair. Plaça Sant Joan. 12.30: Rehearsal for the Sant Antoni Compline service with the band of music. Plaça Sant Joan. 19.00: Glosadors "combat". La Unió Municipal Theatre. Free.


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