Manacor Hospital's emergency wing hasn't increased its size since it was first opened. | Archive


Manacor Hospital opened in 1997. Since then, demand for its services has obviously increased and none more so than for the emergency department. In 2000, the number of patients was 51,701. Last year, there were 75,063, approximately 50% more and a daily average of 206. When the department opened, the capacity was 80. Although there has been an increase in staff over the years, the space is still as it was.

The hospital serves fifteen municipalities, and its management has presented town halls with these figures. Included in them is information about waiting times to see a consultant. At the end of 2017, there were no patients who were having to wait more than two months.

There is a clear need to expand the emergency department. As at Inca Hospital, where plans have been announced, Manacor will get increased space - around one thousand square metres. The scheme is, however, waiting on a planning permission licence from the town hall. This was requested in August last year, but the town hall found certain deficiencies in the project. These have now been addressed, and it is expected that work can start shortly.

The hospital accepts that there will be some inconvenience, for which it is offering its apologies in advance. The work will take some fifteen months, which will mean noise and alterations to access to the emergency department. Only one relative or friend will be allowed in and will be issued with an identification card by hospital security.

Some parking spaces will be lost while the work is ongoing, and windows and doors will be sealed in order to prevent any dust getting into sensitive areas of the hospital.