The whole of the Son Bunyola estate occupies a third of all the land in Banyalbufar. | Archive


Banyalbufar town hall wants the Council of Majorca to declare the Son Bunyola finca to be in the general interest. Owned by Richard Branson, the declaration would allow the establishment of a rural hotel.

Mateu Ferrà, Banyalbufar's mayor, says that although the buildings are of a certain antiquity, there is no objection to their being used for tourism purposes, so long as there is no substantial alteration to the existing heritage characteristics.

For the mayor, the finca would represent a means of creating jobs - which Banyalbufar needs - while the declaration would prevent any deterioration to the estate. "It's always better that with these types of estate there is some form of activity, as owners will maintain them."

The town hall doesn't have much say as to whether there is a declaration or not. It is up to the Council of Majorca. But its views would be taken into account. As far as the plans for Son Bunyola are concerned, Ferrà explains that not much is known about them as they are still at a development phase. Whatever they might be, the town hall would have to give a favourable report that they are in keeping with planning regulations and principles of heritage preservation.

Two years ago, the mayor expressed his support for a tourism activity at Son Bunyola. The entire property occupies a third of the municipality's land area. He was unsure if there were the necessary tourism licences, as the tourism ministry hadn't informed the town hall.

There are three villas on the finca that are already marketed through Virgin Limited Edition. Son Balagueret was added last year. Its rates start from 13,095 euros for seven nights.