Local ordinance on behaviour can be modified, but it still needs to be enforced.


The residents and business platform For a Civic Playa de Palma has demanded that the town hall urgently modifies the city's civic ordinance and takes "drastic" action against drunken tourism before the new season starts.

The modification would be to ordinance that was approved by the town hall in 2014 but then repealed by the Balearic High Court in 2016. The court did this because the town hall was at the time deemed to have exceeded its powers. The group wants a legal text drafted against anti-social behaviour that "prevents peaceful coexistence between tourists and residents and damages the image of the area".

The platform wants the town hall to send out a clear message to foreign visitors that "booze tourism" will not be tolerated in Playa de Palma.

On other matters, the group has denounced the "abandonment of Playa de Palma in terms of infrastructure and maintenance". The residents and hotel associations which make up the platform are calling for investments to be made with tourist tax revenue and from the fund for capital cities.