Acciona ground services staff could go on strike.

Workers with the Acciona handling division at Palma airport could strike this summer over the redundancy application that the company lodged on Monday this week.

One hundred ground services workers would be affected by the redundancy notice. There have been two weeks of negotiation with Acciona without any agreement having been reached. The company is seeking the redundancies because of the loss of business it had with Niki.

The Acciona workers issued a statement in which they referred to the fact that records are being broken each year at the airport but that these are not reflected in improvements for workers. "Conditions for workers are made worse whenever the companies have the slightest opportunities." The airports authority Aena is also being blamed for the current situation. "Its greed has contributed to the precarious nature of work at the airport. It grants too many licences and allows three handling companies at an airport which is basically a seasonal one."

There is a possibility that some action could start from next week. Meantime, it would seem that talks are in fact continuing with Acciona. The regional employment minister, Iago Negueruela, says that the government has been in contact with the employees.