Police operations in Son Banya are among increased activity against drug dealing.

25-01-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

The National Police last year launched 7,700 proceedings for the sale of drugs in the Balearics. These did not include the large-scale operations against drugs trafficking undertaken by the drugs and organised crime squad (UDYCO).

Greater presence of police on the streets, in parks and near to educational establishments led to a notable rise in actions against drug dealing. The majority of them - 4,159 - were in Palma. The police also seized 543 weapons, including guns. Of these, 391 were in Palma.

The National Police are not alone of course in acting against drugs. The Guardia Civil are just as active, and there is a high degree of cooperation between the two state security forces.

Almost 200 hundred people were detained in 2017 for serious offences against public health and law on the trafficking of drugs, and these didn't include those arrested during the operations in Son Banya.


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S. / Hace over 3 years

Well done once again the GUARDIA and the POLICIA. Removing the DEALERS IN DEATH has to bea continuing priority. If they can patrol ALL Urbanisations , on terror watch, and at the same time spot any drug dealing, I would be delighted with their presence this Summer.