Guardia Civil officers at the scene in Porreres.

24-02-2018Joan Socíes

A would-be robber was shot and killed by the owner of the property he and an accomplice broke into in Porreres on Saturday morning. The incident occurred at 10.30 when the robber, understood to have been Moroccan, and an accomplice entered the main building on a property near the cemetery. Another two members of a four-strong gang remained outside.

On entering the property, the two burglars were caught by surprise by the owner’s wife who they apparently assaulted. Then her 73-year-old husband arrived on the scene. A struggle ensued but the owner was able to grab his hunting rifle and shot one of the robbers in the stomach.

His accomplice rapidly fled the scene along with the other two outside, and the Guardia Civil immediately mounted a major search for the trio and warned the public in the area not to approach them because they could be armed.

It was clear that the robber had been seriously wounded. He was rushed to Son Espases Hospital. However, his vital organs had been seriously damaged and he died at 2.30pm. The mayor of Porreres, Xisca Mora, abandoned a meeting she was attending on hearing the news and said that she was deeply shocked by the incident. During the afternoon, Guardia Civil helicopters continued to assist in the search for the rest of the gang.

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Phil / Hace over 2 years

Im in my 50's but thai kick box 3 times/week. I live in Santa Ponsa. Open invite to Moroccans. Try to rob my place, please. You will all be dead within 2 minutes.


Jez / Hace over 2 years

What a hero this 73 year old man is. Just a shame he didn't take all 4 of the African filth out. Our thoughs are with you and your family senor. You should be very proud of yourself.


Mark / Hace over 2 years

Justice has been served well done


Stuart Mead / Hace over 2 years

I hope the 73 yr old victim doesn’t get prosecuted...


John P / Hace over 2 years

Hope the 73 year old man and his wife are OK.