Manacor police, who have been receiving special anti-terrorism training. | Julio Bastida


Officers with Manacor local police's UTC (coastal territory) unit have been receiving anti-terrorism training. They have also been undertaking exercises at schools that are designed to prevent the type of massacres which have occurred in the USA.

Antonio Cartagena is the chief armaments officer in Manacor. He has been leading the training courses, following instructions set out by the secretary of state for the interior and criteria for self-protection and action in the event of a terrorist attack. The purpose is to try and reduce or cancel out sources of danger if these represent serious and immediate harm.

Manacor's is the first local police force in Spain to have pistol rapid-fire adapters and to carry special and advanced medical kit for knife and gunshot wounds. The officers undergoing the training are spending a number of days simulating incidents at schools involving a jihadist attack or one by someone with Amok disorder - a mental condition that gives rise to psychopathological behaviour and mass assault. In these circumstances, someone indiscriminately kills anyone who crosses his or her path.

One of the trainees says that it is important to understand that there is no such thing as "zero risk". The different forces - the Guardia Civil, the National Police, the local police - have to be prepared for any type of emergency. "What would happen if a student goes crazy, gets a weapon and plans a massacre? Who stops him?"

The medical kit is the CCRK combat casualty response kit. Also known as Squad Kit, it is innovative in that the supplies address the main causes of death from penetrative trauma.