Hire cars that are registered on the mainland are shipped over to Majorca.


Stricter controls on hire cars are on the agenda at today’s meeting of the Council of Majorca. A motion for a cap on the number of hire cars in Majorca has been tabled by the spokesperson for the El Pi party, Antoni Pastor. His party wants to see a limit placed on the number of cars allowed to operate in Majorca in order to ease the traffic saturation on the roads during the summer season.

El Pi, in opposition, has been fighting for tougher legislation of hire cars since the beginning of this current legislature. Measures had at one point been expected but they weren't included in tourism law reform. The government, specifically the tourism ministry's directorate, ruled out a tax on hire cars because of the difficulty with its implementation. Placing a limit on the number of cars was also felt to be problematic because of the way in which cars are registered. The large car-hire firms register vehicles on the mainland in order to pay lower road taxes. Consequently, and as the ministry has admitted, it is almost impossible to know how many hire cars there are at any one time.

The influx of cars operated by these companies is a concern that El Pi shares with other political parties and the Balearic association of car rental businesses. Pastor believes that this influx has led to increased congestion and that a solution needs to be found.

There will be a limit applied in Formentera as from next year, although this is part of a wider scheme to restrict all vehicles. Drivers will need to apply for permits in 2019. Periods when restrictions will apply and the limits themselves will be determined by the Council of Formentera.


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B17MCG / Hace over 3 years

Why would they want to do this at all. The new regulations coming into force have been put in place to reduce visitor numbers. Less visitors mean less car hire requirement. These companies are not going to have cars they cannot rent out so the natural fact is they will buy less cars. They bring in enough cars to handle the requirements, its a business not a government department.


James Worrall / Hace over 3 years

First time we hired a car in Majorca we were seriously mislead. Booked it on line via a third party, Inc insurance! We were then told that the insurance we bought via the third party was not valid! We ended paying an extra €200 for more insurance. We complained to the third party when we got back from Majorca and they said the insurance WAS valid! Basically the car hirer was pulling a fast one. The next time we did it through another hirer and they tried the same stunt!! We were wise to it this time and in no uncertain terms we told them straight!!


S. / Hace over 3 years

Having tried every available method of travel in Mallorca. I have returned to using Taxis. The luxury of leaving the Airport to my destination, is more than worth the cost. Having been ripped off by several hire car companies, for a variety of their hire tricks , the pleasure of arriving at my Hotel, and not having the constant concern of using a car that could be damaged etc. It means I can relax properly. No more long journeying around the Island on Buses , trains, and TIB's late running public bus services.


Joe / Hace over 3 years

send them all to turkey you won’t need them as their won’t be many tourists for you to scam this year !