United Tribuns in Arenal. | MDB


The United Tribuns is the name of an association founded in Germany in 2004 by a former Bosnian boxer. Described as a "rocker-like" group, members refer to themselves as a union of bodybuilders, martial artists and doormen. The group is organised according to chapters - in a similar way, therefore, to the Hells Angels. Violent clashes between the United Tribuns, the Angels and the Black Jackets have been well-publicised.

Residents in Arenal are saying that they are "extremely worried" by the opening of a United Tribuns establishment in the calle Trasimé. The group of residents and hoteliers 'for a civil Playa de Palma' is contacting the National Police and the Palma force to seek inform and to find out if there is good reason to be worried.

Biel Barceló, the president of the Ciutat de s'Arenal citizens association, says he is shocked at the opening and at having these "neighbours". He will be contacting the town hall to find out what it thinks about the situation and what it intends doing about it. Depending on what response is forthcoming, "we will be discussing the matter with the national government delegation at the next meeting of the 'for a civil Playa de Palma' platform".  

Barceló explains that people entering and leaving the establishment were first seen last week and that some were staying at a nearby hotel, the same one which last year was inhabited by a band of Romanian pickpockets. "We understand that it will be the club of this group (United Tribuns) and that it will be open to the public."