Balearic tourism minister Bel Busquets.

30-03-2018Joan Torres

Tourism minister Bel Busquets yesterday insisted that the tourist tax is "not questioned socially" and that there are no "tourismphobics" in the Balearics.

The tax, she said, is here to stay and is socially accepted. It is now time to "consolidate" the tax. "At the moment a future increase in the tax is not envisaged." She suggested that the 2018 summer season will be similar to the 2017 season and reiterated the need for sustainable development so that "visitors have a good experience and enjoy the islands".

Busquets argued that "saturation" can lead tourists to decide not to be repeat visitors. In this regard, she observed that an "excessive increase" in the number of flights this year will add pressure for the islands. She noted that the scheduling of flights is not a matter over which the Balearic government has any control.

The islands, she maintained, are not "tourismphobic". Sustainability is a "popular demand", and there needs to be regulation so that there are not "episodes of rejection".

Moving onto the fines for Airbnb and TripAdvisor, the minister said that the sanctions could have a "dissuasive effect". The government's intention, she added, was not to sanction but to enforce the law. "Whoever wishes to comply will have no kind of problem."

Websites had been informed and most had complied. Even ones which had not specifically been warned, acted "responsibly" by removing illegal accommodation.

As for other challenges for what remains of the period of the current administration, Busquets referred to the transfer of tourism planning responsibilities to the Council of Majorca, the development of projects funded by the tourist tax, the creation of a 'Touristdata' system and the regulation of all-inclusives.


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Glenn / Hace over 3 years



Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

Tourism pays this woman's wages. She doesn't like tourism. Bonkers!


Sid / Hace over 3 years

This is a tax . EVERYBODY hates being taxed ! This is the slow end if it carries on and watch out if it increases. Stupid ,just so stupid.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Has this women been asleep for the last few years and does not know of all the anti-tourist protests,the backlash against the tourist tax,which sure as eggs are eggs will,sooner or later be increased again. If you get ridiculous statements like this from the tourist Minister,you wonder what planet Majorcan politicians are living on.


RBMM / Hace over 3 years

Constantly increasing number of tourists in the Baleares must be an overwhelming experience for the authorities. What is frustrating to read is that authorities give cruise lines tax discounts if they make Palma a "home harbour" where people start and end their cruise despite the fact that the same cruise liners are polluters without comparison. It is also very problematic that more and more tourists are welcome despite the fact that WC water goes directly to the bay of Palma (


Larry HENSON / Hace over 3 years

Just saying what she is expected to say to keep her job. I doubt she believes it herself!


Willky 23 / Hace over 3 years

The hotels will be as full next year as they were last year. Maybe different people but no change in numbers. The difference this and next year compared to previous years will obvousily be the apartment renters who will have to go elsewhere in many cases. This us the sector that will see a big decrease in spending.


les / Hace over 3 years

Most tourists will have already booked this years holidays, the new brochure for summer 2019 is out on April 5th. That's when people will notice the increases in Hotel costs and decide whether to return to Majorca or like me go elsewhere.


Chris / Hace over 3 years

Palmadave - And that’s the problem with statistics, You can make them say whatever you want them to say.


palmadave / Hace over 3 years

2018 'Record year for tourists'. Thats what your going to see at the end of 2018 Jeff.