The kiosk in Pollensa is to be dismantled. | Elena Ballestero


Fourteen months after the Gelats Valls ice-cream kiosk in Puerto Pollensa was dismantled and removed, another one is about to disappear. This is the Valls kiosk by the Plaça Major in Pollensa town.

Mayor Miquel Àngel March says that there was a meeting with representatives of Valls last week. At this meeting, it was confirmed that the Valls family had agreed to dismantle the Pollensa kiosk. It was also explained that the company is in the process of being dissolved. However, part of the family wants to continue having a kiosk by the square. It has therefore requested town hall permission for this.

The kiosk in Pollensa has been there without there ever having been a public tender, which was also the case in Puerto Pollensa. The dismantling of the kiosk in Puerto Pollensa was preceded by ten months of a campaign to prevent its disappearance. When it was first confirmed, in April 2016, that the kiosk would be going, there was something of a public outcry. The kiosk had occupied a space on the seafront for decades.