Arnau Cañellas said yesterday that there will be an intensification of tax checks. | Joan Torres


The Tax Agency is to intensify the control of holiday rentals in the Balearics. From the start of May it will be stepping up the number of visits and actions that are normally undertaken during the main season.

In addition, all intermediaries (websites promoting rentals) will have to provide information to the agency as from the start of July. This in line with the Spanish government's regulations for the provision of data regarding clients, length of stay, income and property owners. The agency's special delegate in the Balearics, Arnau Cañellas, said yesterday that at the end of this year the websites will have to forward all information from 1 January. In this way, the agency will have information it needs to control undeclared income and to combat fraud. It will also be checked against other data, such as electricity consumption.

For the past three years, the agency has been warning taxpayers that they are obliged to declare income from the renting of properties. Cañellas notes that around 90% of tax denunciations have to do with holiday rental accommodation non-declarations.