The National Police and the Guardia Civil undertook a joint operation. | Policia Nacional


A joint Guardia Civil and National Police operation together with the employment inspectorate has led to the arrest of the owner of "alternative" clubs in Manacor and his partner. They are charged with the trafficking of drugs, money laundering and crimes related to prostitution.

Five simultaneous and coordinated raids were undertaken at a private address and brothels. Various doses of cocaine were seized along with 200,000 euros cash and vehicles. In addition, the raids uncovered utensils for the manipulation of drugs, illicit medication for sexual potency and employment/business documentation.

During the raids, it was established that there was a lack of hygiene standards in public areas and private rooms. Various employees were in situations of financial vulnerability. They were subject to abusive and disproportionate working conditions.

Some sixty officers from different police units plus inspectors from the employment ministry were involved in the operation. Further arrests are possible in respect of the laundering of money stemming from criminal activities.